Welcome to Alexandria by-the-Sea…

The location was hand picked by Alexander himself! The son of Zeus Amon may have only just left the world of men, but his loyal Ptolemy watches over us still. Rumor has it he even now travels abroad to ensure that Alexander’s body will soon come to his rightful resting-place, here in Egypt!

Alexandria is a new city, not even finished being constructed, and yet her population is growing at an incredible pace! Egyptians, Greeks and Jews live here in great numbers, but you will likely find those from all corners of Alexander’s Empire. Beyond the city to the north? The Isle of Pharos, where I hear their building some sort of light-house to guide the many ships coming in. The land-bridge connecting it to the mainland is in itself a great marvel, forming harbors to each side. To the West is planned a great Necropolis, while bellow the city is an amazing cistern network for collecting and containing much water (I hear the network runs for miles!).

True, some say more than men have come here from every corner of the world, but learned men, astrologists, fortune tellers and magicians of the finest caliber have come to make this place home as they oversee the construction of a great library with knowledge unparalleled. And if they cannot help, perhaps one of the merchants can sell you protective talismans or priests may beseech the Gods to intervene on your behalf. We are a civilized city, after all!

Alexandria in Antiquity

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