House Rules

  • Blood Potency 0: Some Vampires (like Caitiff & Ghûls) start with unusually weak Blood Potency. Such 0-BP characters can still spend BP as normal, but may not use it to create new Vampires or Thralls, and are limited in their Vitae Pool to no more than their Stamina+Size or 10, whichever is less. It’s lack of potency also means they cannot create blood-bonds or cause blood addiction.
  • Clans & the Clanless To gain access to a Clan’s unique discipline a character MUST drink the blood of another member of that Clan (meaning becoming at least one step bound or possibly committing diablerie). Bloodlines are unchanged (though I reserve the right to be restrictive about them), but as of now most of the old VtM Clans are available as well, while the standard VtR Clans get an additional +3 die edge in certain circumstances.
Clan Attribute boost Unique Disciplines In-Clan disciplines weaknesses +3 edges Culture
Caitiff none none none Start @ 0-Blood Potency; 6xNew dot to learn any discipline; no Clan status Prophetic insights any
Daeva +1 Dexterity or Manipulation Majesty Celerity, Vigor Sin-indulgent Seduction Semites
Gangrel +1 Composure or Stamina Protean Animalism, Resilience no 10-agains on Intelligence or Wits checks First strike Slavs
Ventrue +1 Presence or Resolve Dominate Animalism, Resilience -2 on Humanity tests to gain Derangements Political structures Celts
Mekhet +1 Intellegence or Wits Auspex Celerity, Obfuscate No reflection or shadow; Hollow (see Mekhet clan book Shadows Egyptians
Nosferatu +1 Composure or Strength Nightmare Obfuscate, Vigor no 10-agains on Presence or Manipulation checks (discounting Intimidation) Intimidation & resisting it Greeks
  • Delay Creation: A Vampire may turn any corpse (whether they killed it or not) into a Vampire within a number of days = their blood potency.
  • Daylight limitations: Vampires do not suffer damage from, or frenzy in, daylight as the core rules state. They are still penalized, being limited to their Humanity for their Dice-pool and needing to spend a BP to remain active for a number of hours = Humanity – Blood Potency during the day.

Thralls: To avoid confusion, Vampiric minions empowered by their blood are now referred to as Thralls, rather than Ghouls (that is now the ease of use term for Ghûls).

We’re using the following rules shifts from the upcoming Blood & Smoke: Stryx Chronicles book.

Disciplines in the new system cost 3xp for in-clan & 4xp for out-of-clan. Rituals cost 1xp each.

Affects of Age

The rules on Torpor, Blood Potency increasing & decreasing over time are (for the most part) left unchanged, but each age category gains the following advantages and disadvantages:
Neonates 0-50 years of age
Ancillae 50-300 years of age
Elders 300+ years of age


Vampiric society is very different from modern nights. Most vampires are not used to seeing more than a few of their kind in a settlement at this point, so politics vs. other immortals are not a set thing in Alexandria. Such groups as the Camarilla, Invictus, and Lancea Sanctum have yet to be created. Most Vampires are unaligned, or seek influence in a Mystery Cult, School of Philosophical Thought or secretly conspire within a public institution to advance a particular agenda. Immortals and supernaturals are uncommon enough that joining with non-Kindred for such mutual objectives is not as much a barrier as it will be in later nights.

That being said, there are a few Vampire-focused “supernatural factions” at work in the city. The following supernatural groups are active in Alexandria at this time:

Ecclisia the closest thing Alexandria has yet to a politically minded Faction, the “Assembly” model themselves off of Athenian democracy, with a strong philosophical bent. Members may take Demosthenes as a Mentor (he can teach a variety of social debate techniques and give help in navigating Ptolemy’s Court), and may use their rank as dots to influence matters at the Library or Court, & for getting assistance performing research in the Library.

Followers of Set the old guard of Egyptian Vampires, they see it as their purpose to protect their land and it’s many secrets (amongst other things). They have a longstanding tradition of being insidious bastards, for all the good they’re ostensibly doing. Members may learn Theban Sorcery (max number of dots limited to rank). Members may use their status to in matters relating to native Egyptian Cults, politics or other areas where being involved with the native populace would be an advantage.

House of the Medusae “proto-Circle-of-the-Crone” blood cultists, they seem to be developing out of a mix of different mystery cults touching on everything from Hecate, Erishkigal and Lilith worship to Maenad-like revelry and bacchaeic excess. Members can take Stheno or Eurayle as Mentors, may learn Cruac, may use their dots to influence other Cults within the city of Alexandria, and seek Safe Haven at the House if they run into trouble.


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