House Rules

warning: all rules are currently under revision to take into account changes from The God Machine Chronicles and The Blood & Shadows books.

  • Aging for Mortals: every 5 years past age 30 a Mortal character may choose to re-purpose one dot from a physical attribute of their choice (to a minimum of 1 dot) for 4 dots in Social Merits. Starting at age 30 & for very 5 years thereafter they must make a Resolve + Stamina check (+ dots for Iron Stamina, Natural Immunity & Resources, penalized if they are sick, diseased or for each persistent derangement/physical condition they are suffering). The roll takes a cumulative penalty of -1 per decade past 50.
roll effect
botch take a persistent physical condition or derangement; take a beat
failure you get something unusual in WoD, a peaceful death
success you get to live, yay!
exceptional success take a Beat

Werewolves may start silvering around the edges, but don’t start suffering penalties until age 100. They take a cumulative penalty die every 5 years after age past 125.

Changelings add their Longevity (see C175) to starting age and what age they begin taking penalty dice. They also add their Infirmity bonus to all checks to stave off the ravages of time.

  • Factions, Cults & Schools: Religion & belief is a big part of a character’s social identity. Even Atheists consider themselves part of a philosophical school. Given the nature of supernatural characters to grow to dominate (or at least influence) groups they are associated with, we will be using the Mummy: the Cursed rules in conjunction with the Mystery Cult Initiation merit for defining pc Cults or Cult affiliations. The core distinction between the two is that Cult relates to a character’s influence over a Cult if they are perceived as a divinity, while MCI covers their influence & participation as a member of that cult. You cannot have both merits relating to the same cult unless you also have the Alternate Identity Merit. Status in turn is important in determining your influence in a school (like the Academy) or organization (such as the Library of Alexandria).
  • Culture: The primary (though by no means only) cultures active in Alexandria at this time are the Greeks (who dominate in upper & middle class circles), Egyptians (found at all levels of society, though not higher than Greeks at the upper end of society), and Jews (mainly lower class/slaves, though there are a few middle class merchants). This defines not just your starting language, but your cultural outlook and natural allies and prejudices. As time progresses in the game all cultures will increasingly become Hellenized, establishing Koine as a common, pidgin variant of Greek in use as a trade language, and Egypt will develop Coptic (Egyptian written language using the Greek alphabet), as part of a more unified culture.
  • Supernatural Health Boost (taken from the WoD Mirrors book): All supernatural characters add their supernatural trait (Blood Potency, Primal Urge, etc) to their Stamina+Size when determining Health.

We will be using rules (as we get them) from the God Machine & Blood & Smoke books:

  • _God Machine is out, & the rules changes are free at DriveThruRPG. Check ’em out.
  • Humanity
  • Predatory Aura rules, usable by any supernatural character as the Storyteller sees fit.

Derangements have been dropped in the GMC, which is a shame (because I liked them) but frankly, makes the game easier in many respects. That being said, I’m still allowing them as Conditions, and thus they can still be accrued in the following ways:

  • Any time you acquire a Persistent Madness condition, you may instead switch it out with a Derangement as long as you clear it with me. You are responsible for making it work, and only collect Beats if it sufficiently penalizes you.
  • You can start the game with a Derangement (like any other Persistent Condition) with my permission. Keep in mind that is likely the ONLY WAY you can acquire Schizophrenia.
  • If your Integrity/Humanity/Memory dips to 0, you can spend 1xp and take a Persistent Derangement, bumping yourself back up to 1.

House Rules

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