Downtime Experience

Characters may gain experience and power (or loose it) as the years go by. Gestimate as follows based on activity (or lack thereof):

Method XP gained Blood Potency change* notes
The Sleeper (coma/torpor) 0 -1 BP/25 years gain Anachronism or Madness condition
The Spider (passive) 1/decade +1/50 years gain Embarrassing Secret or Notoriety condition
The Wolf (active) 2/decade +1/50 years gain Embarrassing Secret or Notoriety condition
* only for Vampires

Social Merits threaten to decay either through inaction (such as torpor for Vampires) or being too active (incurring threats from your own supernatural nature or retribution from your enemies). At the end of any extended downtime rearrange at 1 dot’s worth of Social Merits to another Social Merit for every decade past. Wolves may rearrange an additional 3 Social Merit dots on top of that, while Sleepers may choose to redistribute them to any merit that the Storyteller deems reasonable.

Humanity/Integrity Breaking-points: spending more than a year in Torpor counts as a Breaking-point (Humanity 4), as is living through your first century (and again through your fifth – Humanity 2).

Downtime Experience

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