Alexandria in Antiquity

9: Down amongst the Dead Men
V: Night at the Museum

Theoclea, Serket, Harsha, Lausabo, Duandrel & the librarian leave Khthonia watching the door while they head down bellow into the tomb. Thanks to Lausabo the group knows traps are ahead, but an impatient, invisible Harsha manages to trip one off anyways, nearly falling down a pit. Edging around it, the party slips past a crossroads to a large, circular tomb where Alexander’s sarcophagus awaits, surrounded by riches, watched over by a giant statue. While everyone else is dully respectful about not stealing anything and giving prayers as they move up to break into the coffin, Serket gets a funny feeling, and peers into the Shadow World to see Alexander the God, and he looks angry. He warns them, eliciting sarcastic comments from Hersha, but everyone takes the warnings far more seriously when Hersha himself is lifted up and thrown the length of the complex by an invisible force. They manage to negotiate with the God, explaining their need to use his spear to fight the werewolves (which the God cares little for), but he agrees to let them borrow it in return for their dedication to perform services to increase his fame & glory (most notable being Serket’s agreement to serve his mystery cult). He also lets slip the spear they seek is not in his coffin.

Returning to the crossroads, they explore the left chamber, seeing yet more piles of treasure, but no weapons (and they don’t like the look of two frightening statues, gifts of the Medusae). The chamber to the right bears better results, being a scroll repository. There Serket negotiates for the party with the Scroll Spirits haunting the Twilight, and after agreeing to tell them secrets of their own, the spirits reveal there are catacombs bellow, reachable through the pit they narrowly avoided.

Using rope they enter the catacombs through the pit, finding spikes in the cave bellow. With two exits to choose from, Lausabo leads them towards the presence of death, past many hungry yet sleeping corpses (so Hersha senses at any rate), to a large cavern where a mummified by waits in a crevasse, clutching a spear. After those hungry for death’s essence take their fill from the grim pool of plasm filling much of the chamber, Lausabo leads another negotiation, this time with Alexander’s Ghost, stuck here suffering from regret over unresolved issues with his bastard daughter Kale, aka Naiada (who the group soon assess is both Purified, like Serket, but is also likely their patron), whom he sent into exile, and Clitus the Black, whom he murdered with the spear.

Having gained the spear (and trailed by the ghost), they head back, but instead of taking the proven path, decide to see if the other tunnel will take them an easier route back up. It doesn’t.

Instead they find a horrid, alien chamber filled with singing alien angels and terrifyingly weird machines. As one says “it is not yet your time” and another snatches up Hersha in it’s tentacles, the rest of them go mad or find themselves fighting for their lives with the librarian Polemo, who himself transforms into a strange monster and attempts to snatch away the spear and flee. The spear seems to come alive in Lausabo’s hands, allowing him to drive of Polemo, forcing the creature to flee, though the fight leaves him half-dead. Slamming the doors shut, they find their way back to the rope and back to the entry, where Kthonia and a somewhat deranged Theoclea await.

7: Gods
IV: Non-Euclidian Theology

Khthonia & Serket, afraid of the blackened twilight, persuade Theoclea to take them all back to her place. By the time they reach her home, the black wave has receded and they can see clearly again; Theoclea introduces them to her husband Kouros. After some discussion, Theoclea persuades Khthonia to come with her to meet the Kindly Ones at the House of The Medusae, much to Serket’s concern & disgust. Disguising Khthonia as an old woman (pretending to be Duandrel’s wife) they travel to temple row. Briefly accosted and revealed by two of the Cult of Hecate, she sees one is going to die soon and persuades him to return to his family and the other to escort him, and that she WILL return to the Temple soon, once she has finished her business. They meet the Medusae at their House, where introductions are made and a certain amount of verbal testing satisfies the Gorgons that she is the new incarnation (maybe), and the Kindly Ones agree to guide her if she returns. Their countenance is too frightening for Duandrel, who has a heart attack, so they take him back to the Temple of Hecate (having a strange encounter with the shape-shifting creature in the golden cage on their way out – Duandrel gives it one of his Amulets). At her Temple Khthonia establishes her authority, and invites Duandrel to join her cult (Serket also weighs in, asking to join – she allows him to do so, though she remains suspicious of his motives). Theoclea, her mission done and midnight fast approaching, takes her leave.

6: Masks
IV: Non-Euclidian Theology

Harsha’s wife returns & they catch up; Harsha moves to take control of a merchant house in the docks district, only to find a pack of werewolves have beaten him to it; his attempt to to intimidate them blows up, instead causing them to attack; he scares them off, but the experience leaves him injured & hungry.

Khthonia, just recently possessed by the goddess Hecate, runs away from the mystery cult now worshiping her, running into the old talisman salesman Duanrel; wanting to find out what’s going on with her, she persuades him to take her to the library, where they run into trouble at the gate with a guard; Theoclea, herself looking for Khthonia at the behest of the Medusae, happens upon them and gets them in, where they shortly stumble into Serket, himself currently investigating strange chanting; the two quickly spot strange things in the twilight around each other, which leads to a very confusing conversation for Theoclea & Duanrel to observe; hearing a scream, the four investigate, and soon stumble upon robed figures in the Library basement having just sacrificed a slave as part of some strange rite; they watch in sickened fascination as the weird symbolic gateway outlined by strange geometry shaped by the boy’s intestines on the wall opens and a great black “something” slides out to enter one of the cultists, which in turn changes him monstrously; they retreat before they are seen, arguing as to what to do with the knowledge of what they’ve seen.

5: Hippocratic Oaths
III: Courtship amongst cannibals
  • Lausabo, while out gathering moss in the Necropolis, stumbles upon & follows Cleitus & Harsha as they swing by the Ghoul’s house to arrest Farouhk for the possible murder of the Lamia’s children, where he notes the large numbers of tormented ghosts lurking about. After some negotiation, Theoclea & the family release him to their custody(in part because Ceitus threatens to burn down the house) but she goes with them, along with a slave and a cart with a coffin full of food to tide them over until dawn.
  • They all (with Lausabo) head back to Cleitus’ place. Leaving Harsha outside, Cleitus has the two locked in the basement to eat while he runs errands. Harsha notices Lausabo lurking outside, & is persuaded to wait while he uses his Geist to spy on events inside; Harsha is startled when Lausabo dies & then comes back to life in time to warn Harsha Clitus is about to come out, so the Nosferatu hides them both, & the two follow him for a while (though Harsha thinks Lausabo is a witch & calls himself demon). Cleitus drops off messages to the Triumverate & others about the court case, then returns, and – after Theoclea is released and had a chance to bathe – tells her though he doesn’t think Farouhk is necessarily the guilty party (given his history with Harsha), he isn’t likely to have an unbiased trial, being Persian & Ghoul, & tells her she has until the next night to find another culprit. As he has no wish this turn into a blood feud, he hopes she can find other proof, and to aid in that task, he lends her the aid of his sire’s associate, Serket. The two set out at dawn. Meanwhile, Lausabo & Harsha part ways after. The latter gives him contact info.
  • Lausabo leaves contact info at both Harsha’s drop box & The Ghul funerary home asking why Farouhk is imprisoned in Cleitus’s basement, and gives an address for a wine shop. He then waits – Theo & Serket get the message & meet him there shortly. After a bit of suspicious looking over to see if he isn’t just scamming them, Theo agrees he might be able to help (Serket & Lausabo look over their allies in Twilight and quickly recognize there’s more than meets the eye) & after some discussion end up investigating the cistern system, where the body was found, which leads them eventually to the temple of Serapis, where Lausabo spies an old man in a hidden tomb talking to the ghosts of the Lamia’s children that he has bound to canoptic jars. He notices being observed & comes out to talk with them, and readily admits to killing the tramps that were desecrating his temple with their lusts. Hearing that someone else is to be punished for his actions, he announces he’ll come by the amphitheater that night to set everyone straight, which he does. When the time comes, with a flaming, frightening manifestation of power and an invoking of ghosts. he also warns the Ptolemy dynasty are under his protection. Farouhk, of course, is set free.
  • Serapis takes a liking to the PCs respectful tones, later inviting them to join his cult and be worshipers, an offer Lausabo quickly takes up, and Theoclea seriously considers.
4: Hands, Head, Heart
Act III: Courtship amongst Cannibals
  • Theocletia struggles to cope with her father’s death, and finds out her family has invited three brothers from another family to come court her. Also, the family is concerned over a slave coming by, seeking to buy cadavers for someone in town.
  • Rumors circulate there’s a new power at court, behind Ptolomy, now King of Egypt, and it isn’t the Lamia or her children.
  • Harsha drops by to visit the Necropolis to see if they might know who the new player is, and meets Theo as she is meeting her potential suitors; he antagonizes Farrouhk with his flirting; Harsha helps Theo & her companion to shadow the slave, who leads them back to the palace to the recently opened school of medicine, where They find the corpses are being used for anatomy lessons; inspired, Theo swipes a human anatomy scroll to show the family.
  • Farrouhk slips off in the morning to hunt for Harsha, getting a good idea where he might be hiding in the docks; meanwhile Theo takes the other two brothers with her to use her contacts to make introductions to the medical school, though One stays behind at a gambling house to try his luck; Theocleas’ contacts get entry for Kouros, but she is rejected because she’s a woman; later that night he tells her of his fascination with thee school and declares his intention to stay.
  • Harsha awakes and after feeding discovers the taste of kindred blood in the water; following it leads to a body caught in a cistern grate; dressed like one of the Daeva harem girls, he takes the body via boat back to the Jewish quarter to show to the Lamia’s daughters, who summon both Cletus & the Lamia; The Rakshasa points out the arrival of the three new Ghûls and names his suspicions about Farrouhk, so they all head off to the Necropolis to seize him under suspicion of murdering the girl.
3: Politics amongst the dead
Act II: Daughters of the Lamia

The Medusae call an emergency meeting over Ptolemy’s return to Alexandria to announce their concern over his bringing the Lamia & her children to the city, threatening their power; Harsha & Theoclea are sent to invite the newcommers to present themselves; while looking for the newcomers they stumble on two Mekhet, Clitus the Black & his sire Nectonebo, and invite them as well; on neutral ground at the amphitheater, Demosthenese inserts himself as negotiator, managing to arrange a new government and territorial lines all can agree on; Clitus ends up Sheriff, while the elders agree to a three-clan Triumvirate.

2: The Stone Garden
Act I: In the House of the Medusae

Harsha & Theoclea are invited to the House of the Medusae, where they meet the local Nosferatu and the hierarchy of the city is dictated to them; Initial territories are negotiated; Demosthenes invites them to join the Ecclisia as alternate allies; Proteus comes to his senses and makes his own acquaintance with the new faces in town.

1: The Whispering Wealth
Act I: In the House of the Medusae

Ajax meets the Harsha and Theoclea; Ajax & Harsha investigate a series of murders on Pharos island, have a run-in with local pirates, and discover Proteus’s tomb; Theoclea has a late-night feast with her family.

Prologue: The New Neighbor
327 bce

Harsha meets Medusa Stheno in the Cistern network bellow the young city & invites him to meet the true rulers of Alexandria.


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