Alexandria in Antiquity

9: Down amongst the Dead Men

V: Night at the Museum

Theoclea, Serket, Harsha, Lausabo, Duandrel & the librarian leave Khthonia watching the door while they head down bellow into the tomb. Thanks to Lausabo the group knows traps are ahead, but an impatient, invisible Harsha manages to trip one off anyways, nearly falling down a pit. Edging around it, the party slips past a crossroads to a large, circular tomb where Alexander’s sarcophagus awaits, surrounded by riches, watched over by a giant statue. While everyone else is dully respectful about not stealing anything and giving prayers as they move up to break into the coffin, Serket gets a funny feeling, and peers into the Shadow World to see Alexander the God, and he looks angry. He warns them, eliciting sarcastic comments from Hersha, but everyone takes the warnings far more seriously when Hersha himself is lifted up and thrown the length of the complex by an invisible force. They manage to negotiate with the God, explaining their need to use his spear to fight the werewolves (which the God cares little for), but he agrees to let them borrow it in return for their dedication to perform services to increase his fame & glory (most notable being Serket’s agreement to serve his mystery cult). He also lets slip the spear they seek is not in his coffin.

Returning to the crossroads, they explore the left chamber, seeing yet more piles of treasure, but no weapons (and they don’t like the look of two frightening statues, gifts of the Medusae). The chamber to the right bears better results, being a scroll repository. There Serket negotiates for the party with the Scroll Spirits haunting the Twilight, and after agreeing to tell them secrets of their own, the spirits reveal there are catacombs bellow, reachable through the pit they narrowly avoided.

Using rope they enter the catacombs through the pit, finding spikes in the cave bellow. With two exits to choose from, Lausabo leads them towards the presence of death, past many hungry yet sleeping corpses (so Hersha senses at any rate), to a large cavern where a mummified by waits in a crevasse, clutching a spear. After those hungry for death’s essence take their fill from the grim pool of plasm filling much of the chamber, Lausabo leads another negotiation, this time with Alexander’s Ghost, stuck here suffering from regret over unresolved issues with his bastard daughter Kale, aka Naiada (who the group soon assess is both Purified, like Serket, but is also likely their patron), whom he sent into exile, and Clitus the Black, whom he murdered with the spear.

Having gained the spear (and trailed by the ghost), they head back, but instead of taking the proven path, decide to see if the other tunnel will take them an easier route back up. It doesn’t.

Instead they find a horrid, alien chamber filled with singing alien angels and terrifyingly weird machines. As one says “it is not yet your time” and another snatches up Hersha in it’s tentacles, the rest of them go mad or find themselves fighting for their lives with the librarian Polemo, who himself transforms into a strange monster and attempts to snatch away the spear and flee. The spear seems to come alive in Lausabo’s hands, allowing him to drive of Polemo, forcing the creature to flee, though the fight leaves him half-dead. Slamming the doors shut, they find their way back to the rope and back to the entry, where Kthonia and a somewhat deranged Theoclea await.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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