Alexandria in Antiquity

7: Gods

IV: Non-Euclidian Theology

Khthonia & Serket, afraid of the blackened twilight, persuade Theoclea to take them all back to her place. By the time they reach her home, the black wave has receded and they can see clearly again; Theoclea introduces them to her husband Kouros. After some discussion, Theoclea persuades Khthonia to come with her to meet the Kindly Ones at the House of The Medusae, much to Serket’s concern & disgust. Disguising Khthonia as an old woman (pretending to be Duandrel’s wife) they travel to temple row. Briefly accosted and revealed by two of the Cult of Hecate, she sees one is going to die soon and persuades him to return to his family and the other to escort him, and that she WILL return to the Temple soon, once she has finished her business. They meet the Medusae at their House, where introductions are made and a certain amount of verbal testing satisfies the Gorgons that she is the new incarnation (maybe), and the Kindly Ones agree to guide her if she returns. Their countenance is too frightening for Duandrel, who has a heart attack, so they take him back to the Temple of Hecate (having a strange encounter with the shape-shifting creature in the golden cage on their way out – Duandrel gives it one of his Amulets). At her Temple Khthonia establishes her authority, and invites Duandrel to join her cult (Serket also weighs in, asking to join – she allows him to do so, though she remains suspicious of his motives). Theoclea, her mission done and midnight fast approaching, takes her leave.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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