Alexandria in Antiquity

6: Masks

IV: Non-Euclidian Theology

Harsha’s wife returns & they catch up; Harsha moves to take control of a merchant house in the docks district, only to find a pack of werewolves have beaten him to it; his attempt to to intimidate them blows up, instead causing them to attack; he scares them off, but the experience leaves him injured & hungry.

Khthonia, just recently possessed by the goddess Hecate, runs away from the mystery cult now worshiping her, running into the old talisman salesman Duanrel; wanting to find out what’s going on with her, she persuades him to take her to the library, where they run into trouble at the gate with a guard; Theoclea, herself looking for Khthonia at the behest of the Medusae, happens upon them and gets them in, where they shortly stumble into Serket, himself currently investigating strange chanting; the two quickly spot strange things in the twilight around each other, which leads to a very confusing conversation for Theoclea & Duanrel to observe; hearing a scream, the four investigate, and soon stumble upon robed figures in the Library basement having just sacrificed a slave as part of some strange rite; they watch in sickened fascination as the weird symbolic gateway outlined by strange geometry shaped by the boy’s intestines on the wall opens and a great black “something” slides out to enter one of the cultists, which in turn changes him monstrously; they retreat before they are seen, arguing as to what to do with the knowledge of what they’ve seen.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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