Alexandria in Antiquity

5: Hippocratic Oaths

III: Courtship amongst cannibals

  • Lausabo, while out gathering moss in the Necropolis, stumbles upon & follows Cleitus & Harsha as they swing by the Ghoul’s house to arrest Farouhk for the possible murder of the Lamia’s children, where he notes the large numbers of tormented ghosts lurking about. After some negotiation, Theoclea & the family release him to their custody(in part because Ceitus threatens to burn down the house) but she goes with them, along with a slave and a cart with a coffin full of food to tide them over until dawn.
  • They all (with Lausabo) head back to Cleitus’ place. Leaving Harsha outside, Cleitus has the two locked in the basement to eat while he runs errands. Harsha notices Lausabo lurking outside, & is persuaded to wait while he uses his Geist to spy on events inside; Harsha is startled when Lausabo dies & then comes back to life in time to warn Harsha Clitus is about to come out, so the Nosferatu hides them both, & the two follow him for a while (though Harsha thinks Lausabo is a witch & calls himself demon). Cleitus drops off messages to the Triumverate & others about the court case, then returns, and – after Theoclea is released and had a chance to bathe – tells her though he doesn’t think Farouhk is necessarily the guilty party (given his history with Harsha), he isn’t likely to have an unbiased trial, being Persian & Ghoul, & tells her she has until the next night to find another culprit. As he has no wish this turn into a blood feud, he hopes she can find other proof, and to aid in that task, he lends her the aid of his sire’s associate, Serket. The two set out at dawn. Meanwhile, Lausabo & Harsha part ways after. The latter gives him contact info.
  • Lausabo leaves contact info at both Harsha’s drop box & The Ghul funerary home asking why Farouhk is imprisoned in Cleitus’s basement, and gives an address for a wine shop. He then waits – Theo & Serket get the message & meet him there shortly. After a bit of suspicious looking over to see if he isn’t just scamming them, Theo agrees he might be able to help (Serket & Lausabo look over their allies in Twilight and quickly recognize there’s more than meets the eye) & after some discussion end up investigating the cistern system, where the body was found, which leads them eventually to the temple of Serapis, where Lausabo spies an old man in a hidden tomb talking to the ghosts of the Lamia’s children that he has bound to canoptic jars. He notices being observed & comes out to talk with them, and readily admits to killing the tramps that were desecrating his temple with their lusts. Hearing that someone else is to be punished for his actions, he announces he’ll come by the amphitheater that night to set everyone straight, which he does. When the time comes, with a flaming, frightening manifestation of power and an invoking of ghosts. he also warns the Ptolemy dynasty are under his protection. Farouhk, of course, is set free.
  • Serapis takes a liking to the PCs respectful tones, later inviting them to join his cult and be worshipers, an offer Lausabo quickly takes up, and Theoclea seriously considers.


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