Alexandria in Antiquity

4: Hands, Head, Heart

Act III: Courtship amongst Cannibals

  • Theocletia struggles to cope with her father’s death, and finds out her family has invited three brothers from another family to come court her. Also, the family is concerned over a slave coming by, seeking to buy cadavers for someone in town.
  • Rumors circulate there’s a new power at court, behind Ptolomy, now King of Egypt, and it isn’t the Lamia or her children.
  • Harsha drops by to visit the Necropolis to see if they might know who the new player is, and meets Theo as she is meeting her potential suitors; he antagonizes Farrouhk with his flirting; Harsha helps Theo & her companion to shadow the slave, who leads them back to the palace to the recently opened school of medicine, where They find the corpses are being used for anatomy lessons; inspired, Theo swipes a human anatomy scroll to show the family.
  • Farrouhk slips off in the morning to hunt for Harsha, getting a good idea where he might be hiding in the docks; meanwhile Theo takes the other two brothers with her to use her contacts to make introductions to the medical school, though One stays behind at a gambling house to try his luck; Theocleas’ contacts get entry for Kouros, but she is rejected because she’s a woman; later that night he tells her of his fascination with thee school and declares his intention to stay.
  • Harsha awakes and after feeding discovers the taste of kindred blood in the water; following it leads to a body caught in a cistern grate; dressed like one of the Daeva harem girls, he takes the body via boat back to the Jewish quarter to show to the Lamia’s daughters, who summon both Cletus & the Lamia; The Rakshasa points out the arrival of the three new Ghûls and names his suspicions about Farrouhk, so they all head off to the Necropolis to seize him under suspicion of murdering the girl.


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